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shARPWatcher Protect your android phone from faceniff and droidsheep

February 19, 2012 Leave a comment

shARPWatcher is an application to protect your android phone against arp spoof attacks, used by software like faceniff and droidsheep. 

This application has two modes:

  1. Rooted phone – Preemptive mode: As soon has your device connects to a network it prevents all spoof attacks, rendering them useless (Low battery consumption and 100% bullet proof).
  2. UnRooted phone – Best Effort mode: It keeps monitoring your phone, from time to time, searching for attacks if it detects one and the disconnect on attack option is on it deactivates your wifi, otherwise sends an alert.

To be completely protected against these attacks you need to have a rooted phone, otherwise there’s always the chance  the attacker gets what he wants.

[How to install]

Simply go to android market and search for “sharpwatcher”, follow this market link or read the qrcode. 🙂

[How to use]

It’s very simple to use and you almost don’t need to configure anything.

  1. Tap the shield image to turn on or off (Green WiFi symbol On, Red WiFi symbol off)
  2. You need to turn on or off with your WiFi disabled, turning on with an already connected WiFi may not protect you.

Rooted phone (Preemptive mode) it’s all you need to know… 🙂

For UnRooted devices (Best Effort) you still have one more option!

  • Disconnect under attack check box

If you have this option checked when an attack is detected shARPWatcher will disable your WiFi preventing any further damage. If this option if off then it will send a notification warning you that it detected an attack.

IMPORTANT: If sometimes on preemptive mode your connection seems to stop working for a while it’s not shARPWatcher fault. It means that you are under attack and it’s not working for the attacker 🙂

shARPWatcher UI

shARPWatcher UI