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Chrome extension to prevent other people to see when you read a message

August 7, 2012 Leave a comment

Just uploaded a simple chrome extension to the chrome store to prevent other people from seeing when you read their messages.

Just follow this link ->

or search on the web store for “facebook seen” and it’s this entry

How do I use it?!

It’s very simple, when you are on the facebook tab a page action will show up…

This black icon with a green “ok” means that the extension is preventing other people from knowing when you read their messages, this will cause you chat to miss behave, since you are preventing the system to confirm that you read a message.

To access the extension options simply right click on the black icon…

When the first option is active no one will be able to see when you read a message via chat, when you deactivate this option the icon will turn from green to red. The second option is to prevent you from reading any message on the facebook via message page, you should only activate if you are afraid of accidentally opening a message.

And this is pretty much everything to know about this simple extension. 🙂


Remove the facebook annoying seen label

June 12, 2012 Leave a comment

Do you like the new facebook “feature” that tell’s you when someone sees your messages?!

I think I can assume that only stalkers like this new feature… 🙂 I don’t like to put any pressure to reply my messages, and I don’t like when someone asks why I’m not replying.

TLDR – here

If you want to know how this is done, it’s very simple!

So every time you see a message your browser sends a request to a facebook page saying that you saw that message.

How do I find this things?!

Simply open chrome in debug mode and switch to Network, next use an account to send a message to you and see what shows when the seen message pops up on the other side. You’ll find something like this…

And this is it… All we have to do is to block this request and it’s done. 🙂

So how do I block this?!

It’s very simple if you are talking about chrome, can’t say about others because I’m not familiar with their extensions, on chrome you just need to filter the request using…


If you check the documentation you have an example that is almost exactly what you need.

   function(details) { return {cancel: true}; },
   {urls: ["*://*"]},

This simple code blocks any request going to http://www.evil.comso you need to change this piece of code to match the facebook url found earlier.

Something like this: “*://**” and it’s done!

So make your own plugin or download this one available on Chrome web store