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Heroes of Newerth Resource Editor

August 7, 2011 1 comment

Hi, before anything else, this is a tool to edit the s2z files of the HoN (Heroes of Newerth) game.

This tool isn’t any thing “new” since these files format is public, it’s aim is to make their edition easier to every one with a few clicks. Don’t be expecting something completely overwhelming it’s in the early stage and it has a lot of bugs. It’s evolution depends directly on the acceptance it will have on the community and the number of people using it. It’s completely free, there aren’t any drawbacks or pro versions.

Keep in mind that this tool isn’t made by any company and it’s made exclusively on the spare time of a single person. So if you wish to contribute with anything use the Paypal buttons. 🙂

IMPORTANT: I will not take any responsibility for any harm done by this tool. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

So I think now is the time to start explaining how this works…


  • Java Virtual machine installed and on the latest version.

Operating Systems:

  • Windows 7 (Working)
  • MacOSX Snow Leopard (Working)
  • Linux (Not tested should be working)
  • It Should work on any System that has JavaVM installed.

(If you test it on any other platform send some feedback and I’ll update these infos)

So if you download the tool you should have the following files and folders.

  • default.png – Default icon used when you create a *.honmod
  • SizeOneHoNRELauncher.jar – This is the one you should run it will check for updates
  • SizeOneHoNResources.jar – The application, if you run this it will start the launcher
  • extract – (Folder) It’s where all the files you extract will go to.
  • lib – (Folder) This folder contains all the necessary libs to run the application (Don’t mess with this folder)
  • mods – (Folder) This is the default folder where the program stores your mods.
  • tmp – (Folder) Folder to store temporary files (You may delete it’s contents if you want)

If your application crashes it will send me a report with your operating system application version and the actual error.

You shouldn’t be able to run the SizeOneHoNResources.jar directly.


  • Viewing and Extracting contents of an *.s2z, *.honmod file (Any zip file :))
  • Creating New mod files (resourcesXXX.s2z or *.honmod)
  • Editing this files (add, remove, replace)

(Expect a few more features in the near future)



  1. V1.0.0.2 – Here
  2. V1.0.0.1 – Here
  3. V1.0.0.0 – Here

Special Thanks to bezta that made the icons and graphics 🙂

Any suggestions just send me an email 🙂

DropPrint – Share a printer using Dropbox

December 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Dropprint is a small application to share a printer using Dropbox.


  • Dropbox Account (If you don’t have one create here)
  • Java Virtual Machine installed (Download from Oracle)
  • A copy of Dropprint (here)
  • And a working printer 🙂

This application is very simple, only has one option it’s the Dropbox folder location, you should run this application on the machine that is connected to a printer. 🙂

Dropprint Window

Dropprint Window

After Setting the correct path to your Dropbox folder, press start. If you are running this for the first time you should see some messages saying that two folders were created, “printQueue” and “logPrint”. If you get a message saying that the Dropbox folder couldn’t be found check the path.

  • printQueueEvery file that you copy to this folder will be printed!
  • logPrint – All printed files will be moved to this folder.

Now that you have the Dropbox installed on the computer connected to the printer and the application running, let’s talk about the Dropbox configuration!

To be able to print something using another computer, you need to share printQueue with the different Dropbox accounts. If you are using the same Dropbox account on all computers you don’t need to do that since Dropbox does all the sync for you.

So if you are using the same account on all the computers you it’s done! To try you just need to copy a file to printQueue. 🙂 If you are using different accounts you need to access the website and share printQueue with every account that you want to be able to use the printer.
And it’s done! 🙂

Any question leave a comment 😉